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Early phase dating factors include being impressed by the high social status of a new love interest and romantic gestures.Late phase dating factors include engaging in criminal activity to please the dating partner, and being physically, sexually, financially and emotionally abused.Secondary themes that merit further investigation included having conflicts with guardians, engaging in criminal behavior at the request of their dating partner, and developing substance dependence that made it difficult to exit sex work.

high school-attending youth are physically abused by a dating partner each year.Experts are adamant on this point: domestic violence is not an anger management problem.When perpetrators believe they’re being defied, they can feel like they’re losing control.‘If I had a quid for every woman who said to me over the years, “Give me a black eye any day. It's the words that hurt, it’s the words that stay,”’ says Karen Willis, executive officer of Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia.She’s been working with victims for over 30 years, and says that virtually all of her counselling and trauma work is spent reversing the impacts of verbal abuse.

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