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The tour and the 1991 movie about it that followed, , skyrocketed the pop icon’s career to the next level and made her dancers – Luis Camacho, Oliver Crumes, Salim “Slam” Gauwloos, Jose Gutierez, Kevin Stea, Gabriel Trupin and Carlton Wilborn – celebrities in their own right. Of course when you’re 11 years old, I wasn’t recognizing myself in them – but at some point, it was all very inspiring for me to see these guys who were so proud and out.” Now with their film, they hope to inspire a whole new generation to express themselves, by sharing the seven dancers’ journeys after the Blond Ambition tour came to an end.

“We managed to tell another story about things, that also touches on – the importance of self-expression – except we tell the story from a different angle.

As over-the-top sexual as it was groundbreaking, the modern-pop spectacle was one of the most controversial concert events in music history.

It's also common for a Dark-Skinned Blond to be of mixed heritage—see here for some Real Life examples—and have their appearance handwaved through this, but more often than not, it just goes unexplained; light hair on dark characters is simply easier to draw and frames the face very well.

Cousin of the Dark-Skinned Redhead, opposite of Raven Hair, Ivory Skin and the Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette.

If the series is matching Hair Colors to personalities, the Dark-Skinned Blond is often a Dumb Blonde if female (whereas the Dark-Skinned Redhead is often hotheaded).

The addition of a Dark-Skinned Blond in the cast often adds a foreign flavor to the show, and it is not uncommon for the Dark-Skinned Blond to be of uncertain or dubious origin.

This appearance is also sometimes used for fantasy races or ethnic groups with no real-life equivalent.

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