Bosco wong and myolie wu dating

At the charity ball, Myolie was dressed in all white and remained by Phil’s side the entire night.Phil reportedly hails from a very impressive background, given both his finance credentials and ownership of Hong Kong nightclub, Play.The dress, which is worth more than HK0,000 (S,380), took nearly a year to make by hand, said the report.

A feng shui master had advised Elaine that her true marriage destiny will occur when she turns thirty-six or thirty-seven years old.

Her eight-year romance with actor Bosco Wong ended in 2012.

In January, she confirmed her relationship with Lee, who is in his 40s.

Wu, a former Miss Hong Kong second runner-up, has shared her love story.

On a talk show in August, she said Lee saw her bikini picture on social media last year and asked a mutual friend to introduce them.

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Right” recently, Myolie is speculated to be dating Selena Li‘s (李詩韻) ex-boyfriend secretly.

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