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A host can remove the Notes pod from view, or switch to a different room layout that does not contain that Notes pod.

When you type a message in the Notes pod of one layout, the same text appears in other layouts that contain the same pod.

Today, there are literally dozens of anonymous sharing apps that allow you to vent, confess, or share secrets with strangers while going incognito.

These apps are so popular, in fact, that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

In an attempt to catalogue the emerging trend, I downloaded 25 different anonymous apps to my phone — every one I could find on the App Store — and tested each one.

Also, unlike on Secret or Whisper, Cloaq allows posts of any length — so you can get that four-page sob story off your chest. Users can anonymously post thoughts that are relevant to where they are — a college campus, a restaurant, a big concert.

In a virtual session, the participants collaborate and share content.

Adobe Connect allows for myriad ways to collaborate like taking notes, chatting, question-answer sessions, polling, sharing content, and so on.

When they move away from the area, the post disappears.

Butterfly Effect is an anonymous community designed to allow users to share secrets, express gratitude and get inspiration.

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Facebook pioneered the concept of single-identity networking — the idea that your online activity should be traceable to your real name — and legions of other companies jumped onboard.

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