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Meanwhile, you can’t believe that other women around you seem to have it so much easier, find great guys, and “fall into” those amazing, deep, meaningful relationships that never seem to find you… The amazing thing here is that women who DO find these great men and relationships are usually just “regular gals.” It’s obviously not just their good looks that makes it easy for them. Wouldn’t it be great to know what these women are doing…

and to know exactly what you aren’t doing that’s keeping you from having real love and connection in your life too?

Christian Carter has a very unique series out there from his Catch Him and Keep Him line called Interviews With Dating and Relationship Experts. The interviews are from people trying to throw their own sales pitches in there for their books. It's kind of like having a big brother to turn to for advice. This item is definatley not worth the 0 that you end up spending on it. He teaches women how challenges are viewed from the MALE perspective (very helpful), and guides us to help ourselves attain what we seek: a healthy, committed relationship. Paul.; Julie Ferman.; Adam Gilad.; Larry Michel.; Frank Seifert. This item is definatley not worth the 0 that you end up spending on it. The advice they give the ladies is the same stuff you can find in any .00 self help book (or free if you go to the library). While we women cannot change men, it's nice to be able to learn how they think so we can better understand them.

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And wouldn’t it be great to be able to get inside the heads of a bunch of the women who had already been there and figured it out, and the men they were dating, too?

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