Cons of dating a younger man

Based in California, Caitlin Mc Culloch has been writing since 2008.She currently serves as an editor at a large Bay Area publishing company.They will all secretly want to hook up with you too, because you're that hot older chick.Your girlfriends will most probably disapprove of your young guy. Like that Montreal's 1,000-foot Slip N' Slide, for example. As exciting as young guys could be, they're not very serious.Young guys want to live life, go out, get drunk and do things that would make good stories after.

Mc Culloch holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication studies from Sonoma State University.

" and you just switch the subject because he's not doing anything yet. For once, someone can keep up with your sexual appetite. Younger guys do have higher stamina, but they don't necessarily have that many tricks up their sleeves.

Older men are obviously more experienced in this department, unless you're dealing with a young Casanova. Chances are, you won't be able to go out for nice dinners very often.

Many of these mothers were older, well educated and financially stable.

Therefore, many older women may simply want a fun companion to spend their time with instead of an older, dependable husband.

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