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Offenses that are considered relatively minor in the criminal justice system are sometimes categorized as major on campus and can lead to severe punishment.The good news is that there is much that you can do to secure more fairness and to protect yourself and your future.If you face serious disciplinary action at a college or university, you are not alone.Thousands of students are tried in campus hearings each year, facing penalties that extend to suspension or expulsion.You may have rights that you are not aware of—and using all of your rights is the best way to ensure a fair outcome in your case. It makes a difference when administrators know that you understand your rights and can state them in legal—or at least accurate—language.They suddenly wonder to whom you have been talking.The concepts addressed in this Guide may appear technical and dry.That’s always a danger when studying the language of lawyers.

As a result, you run a significant risk of being found responsible for a minor or, indeed, serious offense—even if you are innocent.Campus administrators—frequently advised by the institution’s general counsel (i.e., an attorney who works specifically for the institution)—often have far more information than students about the legal requirements of campus judicial systems and procedures. FIRE believes that students facing disciplinary tribunals should develop specific skills in preparing a defense.We believe that if you know your rights—and let your institution know that you will exercise them—you may be accorded a greater degree of procedural fairness.Students facing disciplinary action at both public and private universities have certain rights.This Guide is designed to help you understand and exercise these rights.

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