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We then replaced “social media” with “date and mate matchmaking,” “chat rooms,” “instant messaging,” “speed dating,” and so forth (again paired with names of the individual countries), utilizing the Psyc INFO database (American Psychological Association 1967–2010) and MEDLINE (National Library of Medicine 1966–2014) and search engines such as Google, Google Scholar, Safari, Explorer, Firefox, and Netscape.

We also search for the terms “future predictions,” and the like with all the Middle Eastern countries.

Thus, in this article, although we will draw some general conclusions, in most of our examples we will attempt to specify which of the Middle Eastern groups we are writing about.When all was said and done, we were able to identify a number of papers that assessed people’s attitudes toward computer match making, it’s prevalence, its unique forms in the Middle East, it’s pros and cons, and the impact that it has had and is expected to have on the Middle East.On occasion we wrote to the authors themselves, asking if they had done more work or knew of more work on this topic that had not appeared on our list.Yet, throughout this part of the world there is great diversity in religion (ranging from Baha’i, Christianity, Judaism, Mandeanism, Shabakism, Unitarian Druze, Yarsan, Yazdånism, Zoroastrianism, and more, to Islam in its many varieties: Middle East ).There is diversity in ethnicity, economic status (ranging from 3,000 GDP per capita in Qatar to ,500 GD in Yemen and the Gaza Strip), in age of Internet users, levels of education, and the like (Middle East ).

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Men and women are sometimes forbidden even to meet before marriage.

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