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I'd rather just call." The questions kept coming and none made any sense: "The FBI kept talking about [chat] 'transcripts,'" Perez said."I said, 'Show me the transcript, maybe I can help you figure it out.' [Britt] said, 'No, I'm not going to do that.'" By noon the officers had departed, taking with them Perez's computer, two hard drives, and nearly 4,000 CDs seized from his bedroom and from storage tubs stacked in his garage.(Britt told the court that the officers made only a cursory check of Atterberry's and Ramos' rooms, to make sure they were "secure.") Perez was asleep, sprawled amid the piles of clothes on his waterbed, when he heard a man's deep voice coming from outside his locked bedroom door, followed by a series of loud, shuddering knocks. "I thought it was a friend of mine, joking around," he recently recalled during a phone interview from prison.

Perez was sound asleep when the officers arrived, bearing a warrant signed by federal Magistrate Judge Robert Pitman.

Atterberry told Britt that he rented a room from Perez, and Britt asked if "anyone else lived there," Atterberry recalled. There's Robert Ramos, and we're both, yes, renting rooms from Jerry." Following a length of computer cable that curled along the hallway and disappeared into each of three bedrooms, Atterberry showed the officers which bedroom belonged to which man.

The officers ignored Atterberry's and Ramos' rooms -- and, apparently, the trail of ethernet cable that hardwired each man's computer to the Time Warner Internet modem -- and went right to Perez's door.

Inc., seeking the identity of the person the woman had been chatting with -- someone who'd logged in with the name "stephanmee2003" and was using the screen name "famcple." Yahoo!

told the FBI that "famcple" was the name used by a "Mr.

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