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These type of women, who carry out activities that might give someone food to think that they are not subjected to aparalysis for fear or that they have no resources to act, nevertheless seem to be incapable to report about their aggressors, who they continue to live with, or to leave the relationship.In the other hand, these kind of women of more independent social profile, and the other rather more tied to a familiar nucleus, both share the paradoxical reaction of developing an affective bond still stronger with their batterers, defending his reasons, withdrawing police reports or stopping judicial trial when they declare in favour of her violent Some theorists have tried to give light to the emergence of these paradoxical bonds between victim and aggressor, mainly appealing to affective or emotional cues developed in the context of the traumatic environment.Furthermore, the theory does not take into account that a kind of power imbalance is already present in many human relationships: in the traumatic couples seems to be not a consequence but an antecedent of the abuse.Another model for explaining these paradoxical behaviours on battered women is Grahams factorial treatment of Stockholm Syndrome-type reactions in young dating women (Graham et al, 1995).Teams collect information and skills, develop action plans, and then go back to their schools with ideas, strategies, and plans to educate their peers.At the end of the school year, the teen trainers come back together to share their projects and celebrate their successes.

According to Dutton et al., the abusecreates and maintains a dynamics of dependence in the couple due to its asymmetric effect over the power balance, being the traumatic bonding produced by the alternation of reinforcement and punishment.

Alarming statistics were emerging in the 1990′s that indicated that more and more youth were involved in dating relationships that were abusive.

Young girls were being emotionally and physically abused and even murdered by their boyfriends.

Time is set aside in the fall conference for student teams to brainstorm project ideas and action plans that are tailored to the needs of their particular schools.

Their home schools support their efforts by giving them time and opportunities to implement their project. Francis Xavier who attended the Fall Conference, wrote an article to share their experience.

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