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While Sidiquee eviscerated the genre of “Diaspora South Asian Dude Does Rom-Com” in his essay by delving into the specifics of how men like Aziz Ansari, Hasan Minhaj, and Kumail Nanjiani (with slight mention to Ravi Patel from Meet the Patels) can rise high enough to be the leading men of their own romantic stories (Master of None, Homecoming King, and The Big Sick, respectively) by dating white women, he doesn’t focus enough on the politics of these relationships.Interracial dating has been a facet of living in the diaspora for ages.Why, then, do all four of these South Asian men stick to only writing about white women?Why do they, also, seem to sacrifice women of color and south Asian woman to the storyline in a way they don’t for white women?Instead, it’s better to wait to hear it from the people involved directly.Neither Miles nor Justin has ever confirmed a relationship of any kind besides the one they have as cast mates who clearly love hanging out.Why are brown men so infatuated with white women onscreen, Buzz Feed writer Imran Sidiquee asks in his essay of the same name.Why do they overlook and underrepresent women of color in order to date white women is the question I ask.

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We see this in Master of None, The Big Sick, and Meet the Patels.

In Master of None, the very charming Sara (played by Clare-Hope Ashitey), a black British woman, makes an appearance in the first episode of the second season.

stars Miles Heizer and Brandon Flynn, who play Alex and Justin in the show, were possibly dating.

The rumors began when fans posted photos of Miles and Justin together, looking very close and comfortable with one another.

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