Dating journal entries

Automatic journal entries are logged when customer transactions are posted, allowing you to generate accounting reports on real time data.

To make the audit process easier, the journal entries are also linked to the correspondent customer account transaction.

You can also add a comment on the reversal reason - the Notes field is mandatory and needs to be filled out in order for the journal entry to be reversed.

Accounting Periods tab, and select the accounting period. You can also access summary journal entries from a journal run. This table shows journal entries created by journal runs with target dates that fall within the accounting period.The sequence of the closing process is as follows: The closing journal entries associated with these steps are demonstrated below.The closing entries may be in the form of a compound journal entry if there are several accounts to close.Deposit account transactions that will generate an automatic Journal Entry are: In the case of automatically generated Journal Entries (based on transactions entered in customer accounts), the Journal Entry date will always be the same as the customer transaction's Entry Date.For example, if you back-date a repayment to 3 days ago, the corresponding Journal Entry will also be back dated to 3 days ago.

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