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The effort was replicated in Hamilton when a number of local clan and Scottish societies led by the St.Andrew's Society and the Sons of Scotland "took hold of the matter." The idea was greeted with skepticism in some quarters.Major Bob Paterson, OC of C Company during the Second War, wrote: "These sounds we heard and when we think of them we are back in the Regiment ..." And "these sounds" stir the Regimental spirit, now as then. Since 1903, thousands and thousands of men and women from the Hamilton area have devoted several nights weekly and one weekend or so monthly to train as the primary reserves of the nation's armed forces.

At the outset, the Regiment's great symbols were kilts and bagpipes.None the less, led by two prominent local lawyers and members of the Liberal Party, James Chisholm and William Alexander Logie, the group quickly exceeded its quota for recruitment and raised the funds to provide Highland dress.A draft letter written by either Chisholm or Logie in 1902 to local MPs noted that the proposed "officers are a fine lot of fellows and of good standing and large influence in the community." As for the troops, the "men are a particularly fine class drawn chiefly from the better class of Scotchmen who own their own homes and have a stake in the community." With broad based community support, solid political backing, astute lobbying, and sufficient financial resources, the initiative won the day in spite of the considerable reluctance of the Minister of Militia and Defense.Despite the new Regiment's obvious symbolic roots within the Scottish military tradition and the Highland clan, and beyond the Scottish-Canadian communities' deliberate efforts to foster a distinctive Scottish tradition within Canadian society, the name said it all - Canadian Highlanders.And one supposes that the name provided an equally deliberate juxtaposition with the Gaelic Motto – Albainn Gu Brath (Scotland Forever).

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