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Believe me, that isn't the kind of woman most men want to date.Mistake #3 The List Dater: Do you have lists of traits you want in a man?Let's look at them now, so you can eliminate them from your profile, and start hearing from emotionally evolved and relationship-ready men.

Either that, or you're in a group of people so we don't even know which one you are anyway!All we want to know is that you're cool, easy-going, attractive to us, and not some obsessive mad woman. Don't try to oversell yourself in your profile. Stop making lists, and stop blaming us for what you're old boyfriends did to you.Avoid those four dating profile howlers and you'll have more interest than you can handle from the kind of quality men you deserve.So, for the last 7 days I've spent hours on all the major dating sites, checking out women's profiles and what I've seen has shocked me.In fact, what I've seen has rocked me to my core.

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