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Our desire is to harness the mountains strength giving energy from the highest top to the valley floor and infuse it with modern day culture.

Beyond the mountains is to generate a new perspective once beyond ones field of view and these simple yet powerful three words have become the inspiration for our new collection.

Their power is addictive, contagious and they leave you feeling fulfilled as their energy stretches far beyond the mountains themselves.

At the height of the mountain tourism boom of the 1970’s a rethinking to the approach of preserving nature and the cultural ties to the mountains for future generations was paramount.Our journey into the roots of outdoor culture guided by our love for sport and the joy of pursuing adventure together as a team had taken us Beyond The Mountains.When Jennie Garth‘s mommy-friend asked if she’d go on a blind double date with her, her boyfriend and his buddy Dave Abrams, the actress thought, ‘Sure, why not?“It was a big decision on my part, but I said I really like this guy and he really likes me and if we think we have a future together, I need to introduce him to my life as soon as possible.” “I threw him in 100 percent,” she says.Abrams didn’t balk: “I’m sure people are like, ‘You guys are insane,’ but when it hits you like that, you know,” says the Virginia-raised actor, who proposed on March 30.

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Good coffee and friendly conversations await your visit and if your lucky, quite possibly a bike ride on the information about the store ...

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