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And we so want to believe it, believe in the fairytale.Because the reality is, he doesn't even know who you are yet!She told me that she knew it was the real thing, it was just so intense, so passionate, so amazing.A month or two later, just as we were starting to get serious, their relationship was over.I've lived through it myself many times, and I've heard too many similar stories to count. It’s the chase, the conquest, the prize – this is what it’s all about to him until he knows he's got you and suddenly he realizes on some level that this has become all too real and now it’s his turn to deliver on his promises and make a commitment.How is it that he can treat us like such a princess, going almost overboard with flowers and gifts and romantic gestures, and then just disappear from our lives as soon as we’re completely smitten and ready to say I do? It’s at that point that everything starts changing.

Until she knows that for sure, none of the words, gifts or romantic gestures matter.

He may say he wants a relationship and a commitment, he may see he’s just never met the right woman before, he may say he wants exactly what you want, but the reality is, he hasn't figured out what he needs to do to make this happen, and his own insecurities give him no motivation to do anything different.

He hasn't looked into what holds him back, what makes him not want to commit, what makes him fail to get past the incredible beginning of a new and exciting conquest.

For reasons that have everything to do with him, and nothing to do with you, this is the MO of the guy who we have the hardest time understanding.

You see, my beautiful friend, this guy knows all the moves, all the right things to say and do because he’s practiced this more than a few times.

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