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Jeff is angry with Jonathan for getting Kurt killed.

The Assessor reveals that the reptilians' agenda (consistent with Richard's theory about presidents) is "travelling light years to an inhabited planet, hiding among their dominant species for two centuries, and subverting them from within." Ozzie's flashbacks reveal that Jonathan visited him during his childhood, in both reptilian and human form.

Ozzie runs into Father Doug at a bar, leading to a night of drinking and bonding.

Ozzie quits his New York City job for one in Beacon, but has some difficulty adjusting to his new life and his alien abduction. Ozzie's former boss, Jonathan (a reptilian), tries to convince Ozzie to return to New York City.

Gerry and Yvonne investigate Gina's hit and run, figuring out that she hit a lizard alien, whose acidic blood burned its shape into the pavement.

Jonathan visits the Sub-Ship (alien spaceship) to give Don and Jeff the bad news about Kurt, which hits them both hard.

However, in his time on Earth, Jonathan has developed sympathy for humans and wants to expose the truth about the invasion, so he hopes to persuade his alien coworkers and the humans he calls friends to help.

A support group for "experiencers" – the term they prefer to abductees.

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