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Now, he's tall (6'4), makes a very good living as a mortage broker, and when we go out to a bar or club, he usually gets women approaching him (which used to drive me crazy because it would never happen to me). I was making mistakes 1,000 of others make everyday, over and over...

Lets just say he's developed quite an ego as a result. Next thing you know sitting right there in his inbox was a response from the woman I emailed (on his behalf). sending winks, pictures, jokes and asking for dates before knowing if shes a fake or just some dude having fun with a pic he took off the internet himself.

” - David De Angelo, Double Your Dating After I figured that out, I began getting DOZENS of phone numbers (not just emails) a week from beautiful, single women. I needed to figure out exactly what I should say on the phone to get a woman to meet me in person ...during the FIRST phone conversation. When all was said and done I was convinced, without a doubt that... I followed the system and I've gone out on a date every night I've had free and I hooked up with all of them except for 2. lol) I have to shut my profile off for periods of time because I can't keep up with all the responses. I tell every guy I know to try this program because it works.

It wasn't long before I was able to meet just about any woman that emailed me her phone number, but then I ran into a little problem (Actually it was more like a BIG problem if you know what I mean). Man, when I first started doing this, It worked so well, thought it was just some kind of fluke -- or maybe I was dreaming, and that it would all go away soon. If I can do it, anyone can." - Pete, General Contractor Toronto Canada "Thanks!!

You must be wondering why I didn't just quit the whole idea of online dating right there and then, aren't you?Even I find it hard to believe sometimes -- except that it really DID happen to me.And not because I'm good-looking, rich, sexy, or drive a fancy car either...But now, when I don't have time to actually go out or am in lots of rush, I use the Internet to get dates, its my second resort basically ; D PLUS I'm seeing results I never thought possible!I think every guy who wants to do online dating definitely should get Insider Internet Dating!

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  1. I ultimately enjoyed the breezy runtime because there was always *something* happening: either a fight scene, a ridiculous plot point that moved the story forward, or some display of dated fashion sense out of a modern Williamsburg farmers market.