Internet explorer feeds not updating

Microsoft touts many of the security enhancements in Edge, but clearly issues remain.

MS17-008 – Hyper-V (Critical) This bulletin addresses 11 vulnerabilities, one of which is publicly known but not reported to be under active attack.

Google Chrome Update for March 2017 The Chrome team released version 57.0.2987.98 on Thursday, March 9, to correct nine high-severity bugs in the browser plus some medium-severity bugs and other fixes.

The most severe of these issues – at least based on price – involves a memory corruption in the V8 Java Script engine.

MS17-010 – SMB Server (Critical) This bulletin addresses 6 vulnerabilities, one of which is publicly known but not reported to be under active attack.

All of these issues rely on SMBv1, which really should be disabled on your systems.

We actually have this scenario as a category in this year’s Pwn2Own.

There are 17 updates addressing 135 CVEs (plus the bulletin for Flash, which addresses seven more CVEs).

Eight of these updates are rated as Critical and nine are rated as Important.

It will be interesting to see how this evolves over time.

Hopefully Microsoft continues to make it easy to digest this vital information in various forms.

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Microsoft Patches for March 2017 Microsoft failed to deliver any updates in February, and they also failed to provide an exact reason why.

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