Let s lunch dating service asia

Click the profile of the match you’d like to reconnect with, and you’ll find the option to do so at the bottom of the screen.

Please note that it is a chargeable service – you will need ‘Sparks’ to get reconnected.

The pictures will have to show you (and YOU alone) looking straight into the camera, without the addition of sunglasses or other face-obscuring accessories. 1) Tap on “User Icon” located on the top left corner.

2) Click on “Edit Profile” (orange button) 3) Proceed to “Preferences” tab 4) and voila! This may have happened when your age range is too narrow.

Unfortunately, as of now, you’re unable to cancel a date proposal while it’s still pending.

It can only be done after your match accepts the date proposal.

Your date proposal could have expired (meaning we’ve passed the proposed date and timings you sent), without your match responding.

Another possibility is that your date proposal was rejected, but you didn’t get a notification because you didn’t turn on your notifications.

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