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And Paul joined it within years of its founding (internal evidence in Paul’s letters places his conversion before 37 A.

D., and he attests in Galatians 1 that he was preaching the Corinthian creed immediately thereupon: his conversion; and he claims that the original apostles confirmed this to him years later, and he could hardly have been making that up, as then he’d have been exposed the moment anyone checked this with them.

We know that each book was inspired by God, written by Paul, and faithfully preserved in the church throughout history.

Proposed Order of Paul’s Epistles Below is a chart with a proposed chronology based upon internal evidence of the scripture in relationship to the history book of Acts.

Acts 28ers), then you are standing on the weak foundation of higher criticism, and you would do well to change your theology.

The Bible believer would do well to remember that what is clear is always more important than what is not.

In that link, they count four arguments as five (though the one argument they repeat twice, about the creed being un-Pauline, is correct), and repeat dubious apologetic tropes, e.g.

in introducing the creed, Paul is not using the language of Rabbinical transmission, but his own language in Galatians 1 that he learned the creed from the apostles before him, though he does attest there that his “revealed” creed was the one they had been preaching before him—as one could expect he’d know, since he persecuted Christians and obviously knew what their creed was, despite his need to insist he didn’t learn it that way ( being an interpolation, since if the whole thing were, it would be coherent. For example, Bob Seidensticker bases his case for interpolation on the false claim that we ‘know’ the scripture this creed references is the book of Jonah.

The unclear epistles (unclear regarding their date) are frequently coupled with the clearer epistles based on assumptions of similar circumstances, or upon similar doctrinal content.The early date of the Chester Beatty codex and the fact that it contains almost the complete text of the letters of Paul, makes this codex extremely important for the study of the text of Paul's letters.The pages of this book were numbered in the upper margin, and sufficient page numbers have been preserved to establish the original formation of the volume.When they were written during Paul’s ministry must be reasoned from circumstantial evidence (names, places, and events).Consequently, there will always be a certain amount of storytelling, speculation, and uncertainty involved in determining when the epistles were written for at least three reasons: If your theology depends solely upon the timing of one or more of Paul’s epistles (e.g.

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It is noted which are clearly understood and which are not.

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