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On the 28th of June, same year Montenegro became the 192nd member of the United Nations.

That night always was with you, broadcasting the historical events on our site LIVE, and only that night the site had more than 50.000 visits which simply testifies about that fact that the door on which the majority of Europeans and foreigners enters Montenegro.

At that time Duklja was submitted to Byzantine and Bulgarian kingdom, and that was the main obstacle for its independence.

What is significant to point out is that the head of the tribal state Stefan Nemanja, the founder of Serbian dynasty Nemanjic was born in Duklja.

Thanks to our site Montenegrins outside Montenegro too could immediately be informed about the outcome of the referendum and they could share their joy with their countrymen.

The Turks never managed to conquer Zeta, and Balsici reined with it from 1360. After Balsici Zeta was reined by Crnojevici from 1421. In 1851 Danilo Petrovic Njegos becomes the ruler of Montenegro, and in 1852 he leaves the clergy and takes up the title of Prince, turning with that the state from theocratic into a secular. Montenegro de facto is acknowledged as a state, and its boundaries were broadened.

A year after it was founded, it changed its name into the University ”Veljko Vlahović”, and since 1992 it has its resent name.

The seat of the University of Montenegro is in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, with a population of around 200.000.

Montenegro is one of the oldest states in Europe, and in the past 10 centuries it went through various forms of independent existence and alliances with other Balkan nations and states.

The first Montenegrin state arouses as a mixture of Slav, Illyrian, Avar and Roman tribes as a half independent state Duklja in the X century. year pope Grgur VII acknowledges King Mihailo as Rex Docleae (King of Duklja), and with that acknowledges Duklja as an independent state.

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