Mussalman wakf validating act 1913

In the waqf instrument, he may lay down the manner as to the succession of mutawallis.

As the property stands transferred to the ownership of Allah, the dedicator, like any other mutawalli stands in the position of a manager of the trust property and he can not claim the ownership of the property.

Waqf an Arabic word, which literally means tying up or dedication (to keep a property in safe custody protecting it free from private ownership).

The system of waqf has been recognised in islam from the very beginning of the new Islamic state built in Arab.

It is in Muslim Law what nearly is 'bequeath' and 'bequest' in the Roman Law and 'dan' in Hindu Law. Personal property is endowed in waqf for religious, educational, or any other benevolent purpose under specific terms and conditions.Such property is called debottar formed usually by will or gift. But in case of an endowment created by will, the will must be a written document attested by at least two witnesses.No religious ceremony or formation of trust is required for purpose of debottar.One and a half thousand years ago, long before the birth of the doctrine of uses and trusts in English Law, Islamic Law recognized and developed a legal expedient under the name of wakf, which permitted an owner to settle his property for the use of beneficiaries in perpetuity.The doctrine of Wakf which is "interwoven with the entire religious life and social economy of Muslims has laid down the foundations of one of the most important institutions of the community.

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