Overall header not updating

You should use one of the first two methods to achieve this. uses frames to display various admin pages as "modules".

This is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) manager.

The file / function is based on the mode passed on the URL, which can include register, viewprofile, editprofile, activate, and others. Index shows categories and forums, viewforum shows topics in a forum, viewtopic shows the posts that make up the topic. That is why when you install MODs they will often provide SQL insert commands for board configuration options, as this page will not take care of that for you.

This code is used to run the database utilities like backing up and restoring your database. the "restore" process can be used to run any SQL commands that are valid.

Unlike the PSM and the FSM, the TSM does not have programatic states that it goes through (i.e.

its not really coded as a state machine) but its very helpful to think of it in terms of state machine.

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As stated above the transaction state machine is responsible for the overall updating of the system via an rpm transaction.

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