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The members of my startup are hired guns – our clients give us videos and we make them go viral.Our rule of thumb is that if we don’t get a video 100,000 views, we don’t charge.In other words, not all videos go viral organically – there is a method to the madness.I can’t reveal our clients’ names and I can’t link to the videos we’ve worked on, because You Tube surely doesn’t like what we’re doing and our clients hate to admit that they need professional help with their “viral” videos.

It will be one of the twenty videos on the Most Viewed page, which means that we can grab 1/20th of the clicks on that page!We took six videos and achieved: If you want a truly viral video that will get millions of people to watch and share it, then yes, content is key.But good content is not necessary to get 100,000 views if you follow these strategies.There are tens of thousands of videos uploaded to You Tube each day (I’ve heard estimates between 10-65,000 videos per day).I don’t care how “viral” you think your video is; no one is going to find it and no one is going to watch it.

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