Sports psychology dating an athlete

Therefore, it is important that we have an understanding of effective relationships and ways to resolve conflicts.

Ways to maintain relationships may include discussing an area of disagreement and coming to a joint decision of how it can be resolved (i.e., conflict management) or team building (i.e., socializing). In the interviews, these coaches emphasized the importance of communication (i.e., having open lines of communication with their athletes, possessing clear expectations, and holding their players accountable). Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 10, 163-173. These coaches also avoided using punishment or criticisms that were directed towards their players‟ characters or personalities, and showed that they cared, trusted, and respected their players as people. These ways of communicating paralleled the relationship maintenance strategies labelled as positivity, openness, and assurance (Stafford & Canary, 1991). Enhancing the self-esteem of youth swimmers through coaching training: Gender and age effects. Additionally, research examining coaches’ behaviours consistently has shown that supportive and encouraging coaches were likely to have a positive influence on their athletes development (Coatsworth & Conroy, 2006).

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