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Sundays came around fast and there was always pressure to cover all the bar industry news and gossip and get everything verified by trusted sources. Some weeks little happens and you just don’t have much to say, but you still have to publish.

Readers aren’t shy to let you know if they like what you’ve produced or not, so it’s about engaging them, entertaining them, and making sure they feel that tuning in was both worthwhile and they will do so again the following week.

If you had told me that you I would need a million baht a year to have a reasonable lifestyle I would have laughed at you but that that is what I need today.

Listen, I’m single and date a lot so I have a pretty good handle on what it takes to take a lady out to a nice restaurant for a decent meal.

Korean Bar-B-Q over near Time Sqaure on Sukhumvit, again, less than 1000 baht all in.

There are tons more but these are the two most recent places I’ve been to for dinner with a date so I roughly remember what they cost.

He complains that back in the old days if you spoke Thai or looked respectable the scammers wouldn’t bother you. I used to live in a country where when I grew up the biggest threat was a good ass beating if someone didn’t like you.

Now, even if you dress nice and can speak Thai they still try to rip you off. Now my same school has metal detectors to stop guns and knives from being carried into classrooms.

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