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Debra says that someone is after her; it turns out to be her son Ryan Malloy (Neil Mc Dermott).Whitney and Debra go to an abandoned school and retrieve a bag.Whitney tries to discuss when they had lived together but Debra is not interested.She shows no interest in Whitney, coldly rejecting her, upsetting Whitney so much that she breaks down in tears just after she leaves the café.Whitney delightedly accepts, only to realise that Debra is using her when she leaves suddenly, passing her a sealed envelope and saying she will be back for it, and warning her not to open it or she would be "sorry".Debra returns on 17 July with cuts on her face, just after Ricky leaves after failing to convince Whitney to go to Brighton with them.Ryan returns the next morning and argues with Debra again, causing Whitney to run out and throw the knife into the canal.

It is revealed that the bag contains a knife with which Ryan stabbed somebody.

Bianca sends her away but Debra returns a few days later, insisting she wants to get to know her daughter.

Bianca tells Ricky Butcher that Debra is not to be trusted and on Whitney's first birthday, she went on holiday with friends instead of being there for her daughter.

I don't know if they'll return to the storyline or not... Because I'm quite small I can play anything from 15 up to my age or even a bit older." Grace Dent writes, "I feel sad for Marissa already.

Gilly's brothel is a garish tribute to why this really is still a man's world and Marissa's just the faceless droid who masturbates him.

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