Updating globe lights

We are so excited to be sharing another DIY project with you guys!

With the holidays lasting over a month, most people aren’t in house project mode.

Because the equator of this particular globe was so dingy, this example shows the use of two pieces of copper tape; one is wrapped around the inside of the globe, and one is wrapped around the outside and folded over.

Taking another piece of copper tape cut to the same length (which is the circumference of the equator plus a few inches), begin taping it to the outside of the globe.

Here is the original fixture complete with dated frosted glass shades and cobwebs!

😉 I sat and stared blankly at the fixture for a while and suddenly noticed the interesting shape and modern lines of the base of fixture.

I’ve helped them paint some furniture and today I’m going to show you how I updated their dining room light.

This was a really inexpensive way to update the existing fixture to make it look more modern and updated without having to buy a new one! I am seriously in love with the industrial look the white copper gave the light fixture.

Painting the threads on the sockets gave it that trendy, cool vibe! I am really excited about how the dining room turned out!

We removed the shades and added some cool 5″ globe light bulbs to it and it looked more updated right away!

We are doing a lot of navy accents in her house (including her base cabinets) and one of my favorite color combinations is copper and navy!

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(This example uses copper tape that is 1” thick and is actually marketed as a slug and snail deterrent for gardens.) Cut the tape.

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