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"Hot Girl" received mostly positive reviews from critics.According to Nielsen Media Research, the episode received 4.8 million viewers and received a 2.3 rating/5% share among adults between the ages of 18 and 49.John Lee Hancock’s film unapologetically tells the Disney side of the story, with certain uncomfortable details sent dancing off towards the toy box.The picture ends, for example, with Travers moved beyond words at the Mary Poppins premiere in 1964: we don’t see what actually happened next, which was a testy showdown at the reception afterwards, with the author demanding that Disney remove every last trace of animation from the film before its release.As he shows her around the office, Michael tries to impress her while doing his best to impede the chances of any other office male.

Complicated is also a little unusual for a Kristen Ashley book in that it is substantially told from the hero’s POV.

Banks is a Bayeux Tapestry version of history: the truth as stitched together by the victors.

Disney has produced a film about the tortuous making of Mary Poppins, one of the great pictures in that studio’s canon, and it presents Walt Disney’s struggle with PL Travers, who wrote the original books, as a kind of Norman Conquest of sweetness and charm — a flooding of songs, jelly-beans and thick Californian sunlight into the life of a brilliant but unhappy writer.

In this episode, Michael (Steve Carell) allows an attractive salesperson (Amy Adams) to sell her purses in the office, catching the eye of almost every male in the office.

Meanwhile, Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski) use the situation to play yet another prank on Dwight (Rainn Wilson).

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The episode was written by consulting producer Mindy Kaling, marking her first writing credit for the series.

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