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Please treat other participants with respect and in a way that you would want to be treated. Personal attacks, especially on other participants, are not permitted.We reserve the right to permanently block any user who violates these terms and conditions.In January 2014, in the lead-up to Super Bowl XLVIII, the NFL fined Lynch ,000 for consistently failing to fulfill his media responsibilities. 28, 2014: 'I'm Just 'bout that action, boss'Lynch indeed appeared at Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day, but the only interview he granted was with Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders of the NFL Network.Lynch, who had been thinking about skipping Super Bowl Media Day that year, reached a settlement to defer the fine if he cooperated at Media Day and in the future. 5, 2014: Lynch fined ,000 While Seattle's local press had long accepted the fact Marshawn Lynch doesn't like to do interviews, the national media began complaining as the Seahawks grew in prominence. In that appearance, when Sanders asked if Lynch was shy, Beast Mode gave his now-famous quote, "I'm just 'bout that action, boss." That one interview evidently satisfied the NFL -- for a while, at least. 28, 2014: 'I'm Just 'bout that action, boss' Lynch indeed appeared at Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day, but the only interview he granted was with Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders of the NFL Network. more August 2014: Holdout from Seahawks training camp Lynch's contract holdout last summer was a prime example of his doggedness -- whether that relates to his play on the field, his contention with NFL brass, his distrust of the media, or his community involvement in his hometown of Oakland.On September 2011, a wild speculation was made that Sanders couple had filed for a divorce.Despite the denial and remarking them as false rumors, Sanders later confirmed their soon-to-be divorce.

His first wife was Carolyn Chambers with whom he has two children, a son Deion Sanders Jr.Since being hired by CBS Sports to join their top broadcast team, Romo has earned near universal praise from fans, athletes and sports media figures alike for his energetic narration and his psychic-like ability to predict plays.Even Eagles fans appeared to enjoy Romo’s broadcasting talents, though a joke he told during the Birds Week 7 match-up against Washington fell completely flat."I came over here to holler at my dawg and his partner," he says, with his arm around Robinson.After countless memorable moments and some of the toughest runs anyone has ever seen, the Seattle Seahawks placed Marshawn Lynch on the retired/reserve list during the 2016 offseason, effectively ending his NFL career.

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Even though he came out of retirement, Lynch had a hell of a career before that, putting up over 9,100 rushing yards and 74 touchdowns in his 10-year NFL run—six of which came with the Seahawks.

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