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" data-reactid="34""It wasn’t until my mid to late twenties that the job wears on you, relationships wear on you," he adds. When you get knocked over the head in life, it builds your perspective.” , in which he plays a father of three.The actor is coy about whether or not he wants to have kids in real life.“At some point," he muses.Sanchez, 24, reportedly footed the bill for his daytime date with the 21-year-old blond beauty."They seemed very close and very happy," an eyewitness told the gossip site."When they walked out of the fast food restaurant, Mark was flashing a huge smile."The twosome's recent outing comes just days after they were rumored to be dating.However, it’s not the first time the pair has been photographed together.

Her first appearance was for Playskool's advertisement.Hayden and Klitschko also reportedly stepped out for a birthday party for Teen Vogue editor Carlos Lopez in Hollywood that same month – right around the same time the actress and her “Heroes” co-star Milo Ventimiglia (who is older than Hayden by 12 years) called it quits after two years of dating. The two started dating in 2007, when Panettiere was 18 years old, before splitting after two years together.“Never do it again,” he says bluntly of what he learned from their highly publicized relationship.According to Terez Owens.com, Sanchez and Panettiere met several months ago and "hit it off instantly and exchanged numbers."However, at the time, the "Scream 4" actress was in a two-year relationship with heavyweight boxing champ Wladimir Klitschko.It wasn't until the couple decided to call it quits just over two weeks ago that Panettiere allegedly gave Sanchez a call.

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And while the age difference between the two – Klitschko is 33 and Hayden is 20 – isn’t anything peculiar for a Hollywood couple, the size difference for the pair is quite noticeable.

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