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If I'm saying a universal truth, but maybe it's something that people don't feel comfortable saying.... I have friends in real life, the way they see stuff, they can be so narrow in their perspective, it makes me laugh. No, no, seriously, if that was a period, that would be the end of the sentence. It's funny seeing them like this, the two guys from Swingers at their ten-year reunion, a little older, a little fatter, a little tired-seeming and wrung out.It's a strange take, but at the same time, what you're hitting on is kind of right. You could have a friend who's dating someone and he can get hung up on the smallest thing. Their lives have gone in different directions since then, in exactly the directions you might have expected watching them play themselves in that film: Favreau, at forty-two, is more serious-minded and restrained, with a house and a wife and three kids.It's like..."And here Vaughn starts shouting, hitting the table, and the people in the restaurant who've been pretending not to look at him stop pretending. Vaughn, now thirty-eight, is like that guy still sleeping on a water bed in the room above the garage.In their more honest moments, they probably look at each other and envy what the other has, but despite Vaughn's valiant stab at never being entirely one thing or the other, there are some parts of a man's life where you can't have it both ways. "Or maybe you're George Burns.""Jon's my favorite writer," Vaughn says.Folded into the jump seat, lowering his head to window height, Vaughn saw the murals rise up like great ghosts in front of him, the centuries of war between Irish Protestants and Catholics captured in paint. "They're beautiful," he says, "but they come out of such conflict. And what's most interesting to me is, there are walls that divide these neighborhoods, but from inside the taxi, they look identical.

There is a collection of big, expensive cars and a basketball hoop. They have been friends since meeting as actors on the set of Rudy fifteen years ago; by their collective force of will, they appeared together again in Swingers, the low-budget, vaguely autobiographical, smart, and funny film that Favreau wrote and Vaughn stole. Had it been anybody else's, it probably would have been waved away like a fart, but because Vaughn wants to be loved, people want to love him back. It's about four couples who enter couples therapy on a tropical island. In the meantime, Vaughn has banked his second holiday movie, Four Christmases with Reese Witherspoon -- because who can hate Christmas?

It's one or the other."We're like the Sunshine Boys," Favreau says. "Even collaborating now with Couples Retreat, my job is just to help shape it.

He's really the guy writing it." "But Vince was smart enough to say, Hey, I'm at this point in my career, instead of just fielding gigs, let me generate my own material.

Only seconds later, he pops back up, looking as though he realizes he's made a terrible mistake."I love Los Angeles, too," he says. He answered it the night before, at the steakhouse, underscoring every elaborately constructed sentence, paragraph, and punctuation mark with a forkful of lobster meat, flashing across the table like a rapier. And the more you commit to it, sometimes the funnier it gets. Or in Swingers, I make such a big deal over how many days you have to wait before you call a girl. "It's that kind of commitment that makes it sort of funny. "The timing, the delivery, the sheer size of his performance, they make the words so much funnier than they are -- he's done what he has done so often before, taken mediocre material and given it a blast with cardiac paddles -- and people in the restaurant are really laughing hard now, heads on their empty plates, tears in their eyes. Favreau shows up and Vaughn makes room for him on the couch.

It was as though Vince Vaughn from the movies suddenly showed up, goofy and motormouthed and frantic, a machine with its own built-in momentum. "I think it's when you have an insight that people can relate to, but you have a perspective that maybe they haven't thought of -- that can be funny. I think it's funny because I'm so particular, as though it really means the world to me. If I take an extreme, absolute position, that becomes funny. It's just dot dot dot."He swells up and starts shouting again."Dot dot dot? Vaughn sits back, picks up his drink, surveys his audience, and he smiles that really nice smile of his. He's just wearing a T-shirt and jeans, sucking on a mint for lunch, ready to go to work.

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He wears a pair of old-school Nike sneakers that could be used as war canoes.

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